2024: Discover Celebrity Style Lessons with Psycho Bunny Apparel (2024)

2024: Discover Celebrity Style Lessons with Psycho Bunny Apparel (1)

You might not stand seven feet tall, but you and Shaq have at least one thing in common if you rock with the Bunny. But he’s far from the only one. Whether it’s Shaq or The Kid Mero, here are eight lessons from some of our famous fans to put some star-power in your next ‘fit.

SHAQUILLE O’NEAL: Feel as Good as You Look

Look, even the GOATs have to chill sometimes. When Shaq chills, he likes to do it in Psycho Bunny. O’Neal told Esquire that he likes to keep it cozy off the court, and we all know there’s a correlation between comfort and confidence. To carry yourself with Shaq-level gravitas, try something that puts you right in your pocket. Anything that feels good on your skin is sure to make you feel good in your skin.


  • Men’sKayden Graphic Tee
    Chill in style and celebrate where you do it. Our array of Kayden graphic tees let you showcase your style with the specificity of someone who cares. Try on something oversized for a casual but cozy look!

2024: Discover Celebrity Style Lessons with Psycho Bunny Apparel (2)

  • Men’s Courtside Hoodie
    Because even off the court, you’ve still got moves. Let them know in a hoodie with a timeless cut and cozy-time quality.
  • Men’s Shiro Knit Honeycomb Short
    Discreetly comfortable shorts to perfectly balance your cozy and classy sides.

KARAMO BROWN: Elevate Your Everyday

Queer Eye’s culture expert knows his way around more than just a conversation. Off the red carpet, Brown sticks to a wardrobe of elevated essentials. The quickest way to can’t-miss style is a select rotation of bona-fide classics. The best things never go out of vogue, so fill your closet with quality, timeless pieces—well-fitting polos, clean-cut pants, and the perfect button down. With a wardrobe like Brown’s, you could reach in blindfolded and still come out looking like a million bucks. Whether or not it’s a trick he learned from Tan France, he makes it all his own.


  • Men’s Houston Pique Polo
    An unimpeachable silhouette. Durability and quality to the touch. The Houston polo is a classic done the Psycho Bunny way—with a twist. Houston, we have a polo!

2024: Discover Celebrity Style Lessons with Psycho Bunny Apparel (3)

  • Men’s West Linen Long Sleeve Shirt
    When they add “Anytime All-Star” to the dictionary, there’ll be a picture of this shirt right next to it. And it’ll look great. Whether the occasion is a boardroom or board shorts, this shirt will come out best in class.
  • Men’s Gilman Regular Fit Chino Pant
    Your back pocket style secret, these sleek and chic chinos will take you wherever you need to go. They’ll up the ante on a Pima cotton tee, keep up with a tailored button-down or polo, or cut a fine figure with your crewneck.

WILL BUXTON: Know Your Moment

One does not simply become an icon of motorsport journalism without a sense of place. When Psycho Bunny’s motorsports ambassador Will Buxton is on the grid, he keeps his style subtle and professional—clean-cut polos in classic hues and race-proof sportswear. After all: If you’re competing with a world-dominating car for attention, the car will finish in first position … and win the race. But off the grid? Buxton lets his personality rip with dapper jackets and crewnecks, winning button-downs, and wicked one-liners. Follow Buxton’s winning formula and know when to stay in your lane—and when to overtake. Otherwise, you risk bringing a spoon to a gunfight.


  • Men’s Bedford Shirt Jacket
    Unbeatable versatility and unquestionable quality. Button the Bedford Jacket up for an office look with an edge. Off duty? Let a Psycho Bunny graphic tee poke out under a partially unbuttoned look to showcase your playful side.

2024: Discover Celebrity Style Lessons with Psycho Bunny Apparel (4)

  • Men’s Madison Commuter Pant
    Pick up the Madison if you’re looking for a pant to stand up to race-day. Breathable and accommodating, these are pants that will keep you going all day long. And when you’ve punched out, open the hem gussets for a one-two punch of personality.
  • Men’s Alvin Towel Terry Camp Collar Knit Shirt
    Carry beach day on your back with a shirt that’ll have you racing to the day’s finish line. Soft and sexy with an air of Mediterranean charm, this is a shirt that’s ready for anything. Are you?

JAVON “WANNA” WALTON: Where Will You Take It?

More than anything, a sense of style is a sense of play. Outside of his star-making turn in HBO’s Euphoria and his on-the-ups boxing career, teen star Javon Walton is known for his outsized fashion moments. When Wanna puts on Psycho Bunny, he does it his way—toeing the line between streetwear sensibilities and fashion-forward cool. With a solid foundation and good instincts, following your wildest style impulses can only lead to good things. Even when Walton is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, his refined taste and the quality of his clothing always shine through.


  • Men’s Black Robbins Varsity Jacket
    Exude the undefinable in our grail-tier take on a campus classic. The best way to stand out is to be cut from a different cloth—and the elevated Robbins Varsity Jacket is as standout as style gets.

2024: Discover Celebrity Style Lessons with Psycho Bunny Apparel (5)

  • Men’s Bucket Hat
    For a stylized statement piece, there’s nothing like a bucket hat. Ours proves that comfort doesn’t mean compromise—built with 100% cotton twill and a brim-stitch structure, this is a hat that will keep you cool for many summers to come. And of course, the logo is made with the same 4000 stitch craftsmanship as our famous polos—marking the attention to quality and detail that goes into every accessory.
  • Men’s Salina Tee
    Whatever color you choose, the Pima cotton jersey Salina tee speaks to a forward-thinking sense of taste. Give second life to a classic silhouette and feel the confidence that true quality gives you.

THE KID MERO: Stay True to Your Taste

The Kid Mero is an undisputed comedy legend of the Bronx. All of these years he’s had us rolling in our chairs, he’s (almost) always been in the same set of staples; gold chains and a ball cap. So when Mero dons the Bunny, it’s only natural that the cap and chains should follow. The best style is an extension of what works, not a reinvention. Learn your strengths, then lean into the Bunny to take them to unmistakable heights.


  • Men’s Melvin Graphic Tee
    A no-brainer Pima cotton tee that bridges the distance between sleek and masculine—the perfect launchpad for your personal taste. Gold chains not included.

2024: Discover Celebrity Style Lessons with Psycho Bunny Apparel (6)

  • Men’s Danby Baseball Cap
    The perfect ball cap is an every-day must have, so why settle for anything less than unbeatable? If unbeatable is what you’re going for, then our durable go-to Danby Cap is for you. To make it Mero style, just flatten the brim a bit.
  • Men’s Fashion Socks
    Sometimes you’ve got to build an outfit from the bottom up. Whether you’re giving them the spotlight in a pair of our shorts or keeping them your little style secret, these socks will help you put the right foot forward as you foray into personal style.

JAMES GUNN: Don’t Overthink It

It’s safe to say that James Gunn’s got a lot on his mind. Between writing and directing some of the biggest superhero smash-hits of the last decade and his role as DC Studios CEO, Gunn’s only got so much time to think about style. So, in the lineage of Steve Jobs and Barack Obama, Gunn’s got his day-to-day style down to a science. The secret? Find a versatile fit and fabric that looks really, really good on you, and the rest will follow. In Gunn’s case, a vibrant Pima cotton polo, a little bit oversized, fills out his frame and compliments his boyishly preppy look. Then, whether he pairs it with the perfect jeans or a cozy sweater, he can rely on polo to pop.


  • Men’s Classic Pique Polo
    You can’t go wrong with a classic. The perfect polo can tie any fit together, and somehow still manage to stand out. The only polo you’ll ever need is a lesson within itself; versatility, class, and ease in every Pima cotton thread.

2024: Discover Celebrity Style Lessons with Psycho Bunny Apparel (7)

  • Men’s Cameron Linen Long Sleeve Shirt
    Made in an iconic cut from a feel good fabric, our Cameron linen shirt feels like you and reminds you that that’s a great thing to feel. From Monday to Friday, lead the charge in a style that’ll stick around.
  • Men’s Classic Crew Neck Tee
    Livable, breathable proof that you can command a room in comfort. Our Classic Crewneck is a tee like no other, if only because it puts the competition to shame. Opt for a subtle but striking color like Beach Glass or Agave Green, and the rest will follow.

ALEX COSTA: Light Up Your Layering Game

What's the best way to bring some life back into your old blazer? Put a Bunny underneath. Need to class-up a crewneck? Try it with a polo. Alex Costa, YouTube’s resident menswear guru, knows that the best layered ‘fits are greater than the sum of their ultra-soft Pima cotton parts. Layering is a lesson in versatility, and there’s no better piece than a polo to ease your look from day into night. Change out your shorts for a pair of suave chinos or replace that blazer with a bad-ass jacket, and you’re good to go.


  • Men’s Pathe Denim Jacket
    The bad-ass jacket in question? Look no further. They say the clothes make the man, but this is a layering option to make all your own. With three wicked washes to choose from this is one to make all your own. As far as layers go, good luck finding a better place to start.

2024: Discover Celebrity Style Lessons with Psycho Bunny Apparel (8)

  • Men’s Richards Johnny Collar Pique Polo Shirt
    A slice of polo perfection, ideal under a jacket, v-neck, blazer, or crewneck. Featuring Pima cotton adorned with details, this polo is sure to catch attention. What you do with it is all up to you.
  • Men’s Houston French Terry Crewneck
    Over a polo or turtleneck. With a jacket or sport coat. The right crewneck can do it all, and some can even do it with style. In a micro French terry with a bonded Bunny logo, this is definitely one of those crewnecks.

NATE ROBINSON: Put the “Crew” in Crewneck

The easiest way to avoid Will Buxton’s spoon-to-a gunfight conundrum? A little bit of teamwork, of course. NBA favorite Nate Robinson and his son Nahmier get by with a little help from the Bunny to nail coordinated on and off-court looks. The Robinsons assist each other for slam-dunk style by keeping it playful and moving as a unit, a lesson you can easily incorporate for your next outing with the crew (or with boo). Playing to your individual strengths with a throughline from ‘fit to ‘fit is a great way to win a home team advantage at any occasion.


  • Pass a matching set around to achieve instant cross-crew synergy. A high quality soft-stretch jersey will keep you coming back to these pieces, with or without your crew.

2024: Discover Celebrity Style Lessons with Psycho Bunny Apparel (9)

  • Men’s Alton Seersucker Shirt
    So you’re looking for coordinated style, but you and your partner in crime have different definitions of swag? Opt for an ‘evil twin’ look, taking different colorways of the same spin on a classic. Even under a couple of layers, you’ll still have the unplaceable synergy it takes to run a function. Enjoy.

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2024: Discover Celebrity Style Lessons with Psycho Bunny Apparel (2024)


Why is Psycho Bunny so expensive? ›

Psycho Bunny uses a manufacturer in Peru. The manufacturer has been in business for over 70 years. They use high-quality cotton in their polos. The cost breakdown includes a Brokes 15, $16, 16, $16.

Who clothing line is Psycho Bunny? ›

Psycho Bunny is a privately held men's clothing company founded in 2003; it has offices in its founding city of New York and headquarters in Montreal. Alen Brandman, CEO of Thread Collective, took ownership of the company in 2021.

What does the Psycho Bunny logo mean? ›

To wear the iconic Psycho Bunny logo is to choose optimism and acceptance over pessimism and mistrust. It's a pledge to be yourself, while accepting every other person on the planet, and appreciating the richness and diversity that every heritage offers.

What celebrities wear Psycho Bunny? ›

The campaign is rooted in Psycho Bunny's commitment to empower artistic expression and this year's lineup of star-studded collaborators includes Daddy Yankee, Kendrick Sampson, Justise Winslow, Brother Nature (Kelvin Peña), and Jay Versace.

Do Psycho Bunny shirts shrink? ›

Additional Reviews. Psycho Bunny can be a tricky brand to find your right size because they do tend to shrink. In my case, this is not an issue because their shirts are too long as is.

What made Psycho Bunny popular? ›

What sets Psycho Bunny polos apart from other brands? Psycho Bunny polos are crafted with meticulous attention to detail and are made from the finest materials available. Our polos stand out due to their exclusive diamond knit pique fabric, which offers a unique texture and superior durability.

Is Psycho Bunny still popular? ›

Psycho Bunny doesn't reveal its sales, but a spokesperson for the brand said it has tripled their total business since last year, and doubled its e-commerce sales. It plans to maintain “this high growth trajectory for the foreseeable future with the goal of doubling sales year over year,” the spokesperson said.

Who is Psycho Bunny's target audience? ›

Based on the photos on its website and social profiles, millennial dads and their children are Psycho Bunny's aim.

What size is a 4 in Psycho Bunny? ›

4 more rows

Is Psycho Bunny made in Peru? ›

American businessman, co-founder of 'Psycho Bunny', a men's fashion brand that produces 85% of its collections in Peru, with purchases amounting to $6 million.

Is Psycho Bunny trademarked? ›

PSYCHO BUNNY Trademark of PSYCHO BUNNY INC. - Registration Number 3750802 - Serial Number 78934154 :: Justia Trademarks. 025 - Clothing, footwear, headgear.

Who owns Psycho Bunny clothing brand? ›

Psycho Bunny is Thread Collective's only owned brand. The company previously owned Sunice, a ski and golf label, but sold that to focus its efforts on Psycho Bunny.

Who is the brand ambassador of Psycho Bunny? ›

As the excitement ramps up for the return of Netflix's thrilling series "Drive to Survive" on February 23rd, there's a new style icon racing onto the screen—Will Buxton, renowned motorsport personality and now the brand ambassador for Psycho Bunny.

Is Psycho Bunny preppy? ›

Although Psycho Bunny is more preppy/subversive than streetwear, the brand is known to roll out the occasional limited limited-edition product drop, like the recently released Puerto Rico Bunny tee.

What is size 9 in Psycho Bunny? ›

4 more rows

How to properly wash a Psycho Bunny shirt? ›

Q: How do I care for my Psycho Bunny sportswear? A: For best results, follow the care instructions on the garment's label. Typically, machine wash in cold water and tumble dry on low heat. Avoid using bleach or fabric softeners to maintain the integrity of the fabric.

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