Escape from Tarkov Customs map extraction points (2024)

Getting through Customs in real life can be a painful experience, but in Escape From Tarkov? You’re in a world of hurt if you don’t know the Customs map extraction points. The map is a confusing one, but we’ve highlighted all the Escape From Tarkov Customs map extraction points for PMCs and Scavs below for you to easily reference.

Escape from Tarkov Customs map extraction points (1)

Customs features more than 20 extraction points that you’ll need to learn, though only nine are available to PMCs. Remember that you’ll only get access to some of them each game, depending on where you spawn and whether you’re playing as a Scav or PMC. Be sure to check your available Extracts when you spawn in (or hit the O key to view the list) so that you can plan ahead. Below are the details on all the PMC extraction points including what you’ll need to access them.


Requires: Nothing

Located on the west side of the map, the crossroads Customs extraction point is available to both PMCs and Scavs. This is one of the more straightforward routes out, without any requirements. Just follow the road along until you reach the corner with a gate that says “STOP” and a truck outside. The PMC and Scav extracts are on different sides of the gate block.

Trailer Park

Requires: Nothing

Located to the south of the Crossroads extract, Trailer Park is a PMC-only Customs extraction point. Just head as far into the southwest corner of the map to reach the barrier with buses behind it. Head into the grassy corner area with trees to the left of the buses to reach the extract point. The Scav extract Trailer Park Worker Shack is nearby, by the corner of the fence in the area with all the temporary buildings.

Smuggler’s Boat

Requires: Lit campfire and boat

The Smuggler’s Boat is a PMC-only extraction point located to the north of the east bank of the map’s large river. Find the river from the main section of the map and follow it right to reach this spot. Smuggler’s Boat won’t be available in every game you play. You can tell if it’s accessible by checking if there’s a lit campfire on the shore of the river. If so, you can head down to extract with the boat here. here.

RUAF Roadblock

Requires: Nothing

Another Customs map extraction point that’s easy to find and available to both PMCs and Scavs, RUAF Roadblock is located on the southern border of the map, just east of the large river. There’s a large truck next to a big blockade on the road.

Dorms V-Ex

Requires: 5,000 Roubles per player (max 4)

The Doms V-Ex extraction point is found in the center of the north edge of the map. Look for the parked car inside an open gate in the woods behind the dorms building. It’s a one-off, PMC-only extraction point that can take a maximum of four players. Once used, it’ll close off for the rest of the game. The Scav equivalent, Old Road Gate, won’t charge you to extract.

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Old Gas Station

Requires: Green Flares to be lit

The Old Gas Station is a PMC-only Customs extraction point on the southern side of the map. It’s located on a turning off the main road southeast of the large customs building. It won’t be accessible in every game, so keep an eye for green flares lit in the area as you scope it out. If they’re present, that means the extraction point is available. As the name suggests, it’s a disused gas station, making it quite easy to spot. Head inside the building and down the stairs to reach the extract.


Requires: Nothing

The ZB-1011 extraction point is located in the southeast corner of Customs, on the boiler area of the map. You’re looking for a small bunker entrance near some elevated pipelines at the end of the buildings. It’s a straightforward extraction point available to PMCs only.


Requires: Searchlight to be on

Much like ZB-1011, this Customs map extraction point is PMC-only. It’s another bunker entrance that can be found by following the industrial walls at the southern edge of the map. You need to be looking close to the end of the railway tracks. This one won’t be available in every game, however. To check if you can escape here, you need to look for the searchlight stationed above the door. If the light is on, the extraction point is open and active.


Requires: Factory Key, lever in Warehouse 4

The final PMC extraction point is by far the most complicated exit. ZB-1013 is a doorway located underground in Reshala'sbuilding in the center of the map. Head into the basem*nt and you can find a locked door to the extraction.Before you can access it, you first need to ensure that the lever in Warehouse 4 is activated It's on the ground floor, and when you flip it, ZB-1013 will be listed as an active extrtaction point to all players. You’ll also need to have a Factory key in order to open the door to the Customs extraction point. Meet all the criteria and you’ll likely face little trouble getting out here.

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Those are all the Escape from Tarkov Customs map extraction points that we know of. Think we’ve missed any? Let us know in the comments below!

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