Lost Lands 5 Walkthrough, Part 2 (2024)

Lost Lands continues the popular series of puzzle RPGs, with Susan once again heading off in search of adventure in a far-off fantasy realm. If you’re looking for any hits and tops to beat the puzzles in the game, read on for the second part of my Lost Lands 5 walkthrough.

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This guide takes up the action after you’ve met with Maaron in Mounthor’s Plateau and he has given you the Flames Element. It continues until you complete the tapestry in the temple. If you’re looking for guidance in parts of the game that happen earlier or later don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Click through to my Lost Lands 5 Walkthrough hub page for links to all the other sections of the game.

Table of Contents

Making the bomb

The giant’s site

Trapping the tarsus

Finding the temple

Inside the temple

Heading into the gorge

Lost Lands 5 Walkthrough, Part 2 (1)

Take the Morphing Object and Collectible, which are next to each other on the left of the screen (a1). Select the dead giant (a2), take the Manuscript and Sulfer from it, and use the dagger to get a Hook. Attach the hook to the rope in your inventory and click it again to get a Hook On A Rope. Also, take a look at the banner to see a clue (a3).

Lost Lands 5 Walkthrough, Part 2 (2)

Go back to the mountain entrance and use the hook and rope in the mountain pass (b1) to gain access to the Gorge.

Lost Lands 5 Walkthrough, Part 2 (3)

The Morphing Object is on the left steps (c1) and the Collectible is on the rock (c2). Take the Halberd (c3) and click the statue in the close-up to receive a Cannonball. Click the cannonball in your inventory to uncork the instructions from it. You’ll see that you also need to find coal powder and niter (you can add the sulfur to the cannonball now and the instructions will act as the wick).

Use the halberd to free the chest (c4), click the lock in the close-up, then open it to find a Manuscript, Hammer, Small Sack, and 35 Kyolls. Take a lump of Coal in the same close-up.

Making the bomb

Lost Lands 5 Walkthrough, Part 2 (4)

Return to the forest path, select the statue (d1), and use the code you saw earlier on the banner (a3) to open it and reveal a puzzle (you need to press the top and bottom-right buttons on the statue to open it).

Lost Lands 5 Walkthrough, Part 2 (5)

The solution is above if you’re stuck on this one. Once complete, the statue will open and you can take a Key Part.

Lost Lands 5 Walkthrough, Part 2 (6)

While you’re in the valley, also head to the pumpkin shop (e1) at the Halfling Village and buy the Jar Of Niter, which you can add straight to the cannonball in your inventory. She’ll also give you some free Mittens.

Lost Lands 5 Walkthrough, Part 2 (7)

Move to Cave End and get some Frost Wolf Blood by using the hammer on the dead wolf (f1).

Lost Lands 5 Walkthrough, Part 2 (8)

From there, move to Folnur’s Dwelling and put the coal in the grinder (g1). Remove the crimson stone powder in the drawer to close it, use the grinder, and then use the sack and spoon on the drawer to take the Coal. Add the coal to the cannonball, follow the instructions, and you’ll get the Bomb.

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The giant’s site

Return to the gorge and use the bomb on the statue (c3), lighting it with the torch to create a bridge. Check out the revealed prison lock-up (c5), make a note of the drawing on the wall, then head up to the giant’s site (c6).

Lost Lands 5 Walkthrough, Part 2 (9)

Grab the Collectible (h1), Manuscript and Morphing Object (h2), a Fang and 3 Kyolls (h3), plus three more Fangs and a Key Part (h4). Also, take 4 Kyolls (h5) and attach the two key parts in your inventory to gain the Key To The Book.

Lost Lands 5 Walkthrough, Part 2 (10)

Add the fangs to the ladder (h6), use the hammer to knock them in, and then click the ladder once more to begin a lock puzzle. This can be tricky, but what you’re aiming for is the picture above. As long as you twist the bottom section to the angle you see there, you then just need to edge it left and right until it clicks into place.

Once complete, you can do a simple missing objects mini-game at the top of the platform (h7) to get the Dome Element. While you’re here, also look at the top of the sword (h8) to note that it moves but is missing an element.

Trapping the tarsus

Head to the exit to the mountains and use the book key to open the book in the giant’s grave (b2), and take a Manuscript plus the Hint. Now you’re ready to return to the gorge.

Add the lightning symbol to the left pedestal (a4), the flames to the right one (a5), and the dome to the center (a6). Each time you do, you’ll make the pedestal’s puzzle become available. Use the hint you received to complete each one. If you need a hand with these, the solutions are below:

  • Dome: Purple up; yellow right; red up, right up; purple down; yellow left, up, left; green home; yellow home; red home, purple home.
  • Flames: Yellow up; purple right; green up and right; yellow down; red up, left, up, left; yellow home; red home; green home; purple home.
  • Lightning: Yellow right; purple home; red up, left; green home; purple home.

Select the trapped tarsas (a7) for a cutscene once the three puzzles are solved. You’ll receive the Piece of Folnur’s Chest and the Fire Scepter.

Finding the temple

Lost Lands 5 Walkthrough, Part 2 (11)

Return to Folnur’s Dwelling and use the piece to open the chest (g2), taking the Key Part, Hint Plate, and 11 Kyolls from inside. Go to the catacombs next, add the hint plate to the wall puzzle (i1), and complete the mini-game. You need to move the parts so that the three shapes appear in the order on the plate, so yellow on the left, red in the middle, and blue on the right. If you need a hand with this puzzle I’ve put a description and image of how to complete it below:

Lost Lands 5 Walkthrough, Part 2 (12)
  • C-A, D-C, A-C, B-A, D-E, B-D, B-D, E-B, D-B, D-B, D-E, B-D, B-D, A-D, and E-B.

Once complete the door here will open, so head through to the Crypt and use the fire scepter to begin a movement puzzle. Unfortunately, the movement of the scorpion is random, so I can’t post the solution here. Just drive it into corners and surround it with light three times to progress. You have unlimited attempts, so you can’t fail

Lost Lands 5 Walkthrough, Part 2 (13)

Take the Collectible from the left central pillar (j1) and the Morphing Object from the right (j2). Take the Rune (j3), then click the eggs (j4) and take the Handsaw and some Scolopendra Eggs (using the dagger). Use the saw to get a Scolopendra Stinger (j5) and use the stinger on the hand (j4) to get the Bag.

Open the bag in your inventory to find 16 Kyolls and a Pattern Part, and then take back the Empty Bag. Use the pattern part on the pattern (j6) to open the door (j7) to the Temple but before you go through, also pick up a second Key Part from the panel below in the same pattern close-up (j6).

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Inside the temple

Lost Lands 5 Walkthrough, Part 2 (14)

Grab the Collectible from the pillar (k1) and the Morphing Object from the dwarf statue (k2). Select the wall for a close-up (k3), click the rune, read the note, and then take the Manuscript, Powder of Prophecy, and 12 Kyolls. Add the powder to the altar (k4) and enjoy the cut scene.

Afterward, you’ll receive the Key Base. Add the key base to the altar (k4), and add the other two key parts you already have. Take the Spool from the crystal ball close-up (k5), along with a Needle, and then head back to the halfling village shop (e1) and buy the Dwarf Dungeons Souvenir.

Open the book of spells in your inventory and add the souvenir to the table. Find the Destruction spell in the book, click the wand, and copy the pattern to remove the diamonds and take the Key Part. Return to the temple and add the final key part at the altar (k4), click it to complete it, then take the Sarcophagus Part.

Go back out to the crypt and use the sarcophagus part on the panel (j6) to start a colored chips puzzle. Once complete, you’ll receive a Manuscript and the Tapestry Fragment. If you’re stuck on this one, see the solution below. A is twisting the circle, B and C and pressing the switches, and D is dragging the central bar:

Lost Lands 5 Walkthrough, Part 2 (15)
  • D right×1, A counter-clockwise×4, D left×1, A counter-clockwise, D left×1, C
  • A clockwise×3, C, A counter-clockwise×3, D right×1, B
  • A counter-clockwise×3, B, A clockwise×2, B, A counter-clockwise×4, B
  • A clockwise×3, B, A counter-clockwise×3, B, A clockwise×2, B
  • A clockwise×2, C, A counter-clockwise×2, C, A clockwise×2, C
  • A counter-clockwise, C, A clockwise×3, C, A counter-clockwise

Select the mittens in your inventory, add the spool, and then use the dagger to add the thread to the spool. Now you can add the needle and receive a Needle And Thread. Return to the temple, add the tapestry fragment to the wall (k3), add the needle and thread, and then restore the tapestry.

Lost Lands 5 Walkthrough, Part 2 (16)

Once complete, it will look like the image above. I found it quite annoying, as you have to be very precise, but stick with it. Once done, you’ll receive the Cold Blood Elixir Recipe.

That concludes Part 2 of my guide. Click Lost Lands 5 Walkthrough, Part 3 to continue with me here at Pro Game Guides!

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Lost Lands 5 Walkthrough, Part 2 (2024)
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