My Experience Getting and Using the Woman Within Credit Card - Woman Within (2024)

Becoming a Loyal Cardholder for the Perks and Rewards

Hey ladies! I’m back today to dish about my experience getting the Woman Within credit card and what it’s been like using it as a loyal cardholder. If you frequently shop at Woman Within for all your plus size fashion needs, you may want to consider applying for their store credit card to get some sweet perks and rewards.

I’ll walk through all the details from the application process to managing your account to taking advantage of all the special discounts and bonus offers. Let’s dive in!

The Application Process

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Applying for the Woman Within credit card is quick and easy, especially if you already have good credit. Here are the steps I followed:

  • Go to the Woman Within website or visit your local store and look for credit card information. This will explain the different card options.
  • Choose between the basic Woman Within Credit Card or the Woman Within World Mastercard which has additional benefits.
  • Click the “Apply Now” button and it will redirect you to a secure application page.
  • They provide a pre-qualification form first so you can see if you’re likely to be approved without needing a hard credit check yet.
  • If it looks good, continue on with the full application by providing personal info like your name, address, birthdate, Social Security Number, and employment/income details.
  • The application only takes about 10-15 minutes to complete. Make sure all info is accurate to increase approval odds.
  • If approved, you should receive your new Woman Within credit card in the mail within 7-10 business days. Then you’re ready to use it!

I was approved for a decent credit limit thanks to my good credit score. The process was quick and simple. Now let’s look at some of the biggestbenefits of having the Woman Within credit card.

Benefits and Perks

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Some of the best features that came with my Woman Within card included:

  • Special cardholder discounts on select days. I got 20% off a purchase when I first used my card!
  • 10 points earned for every $1 spent at Woman Within and anywhere else. Points can add up quick!
  • $15 reward certificate after first card purchase as a signup bonus.
  • Birthday gifts, exclusive sales invites, special financing offers.
  • Fraud protection and zero liability policies to safeguard your account.
  • Online account management and paperless statements available.
  • Access to the Mastercard rewards program if you have their World card.

As far as store credit cards go, the Woman Within card has some nice perks! Now let’s go over the…

Interest Rates and Fees

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When applying for any credit card, it’s super important to know the costs involved so you can avoid any surprise fees or fines in the future. Here are the key rates and fees to know for the Woman Within card:

  • APR for purchases: 26.99% (variable) – This is the interest rate charged on any unpaid statement balances. It’s quite high!
  • APR for balance transfers: 26.99% (variable) – Same rate applies for balance transfers.
  • Annual fee: $0 – No yearly fee is nice!
  • Late payment fee: Up to $38
  • Returned payment fee: Up to $38
  • Balance transfer fee: 3% or $15 minimum

The moral is, be sure to pay your bill on time each month and in full if possible to avoid interest charges! Now let’s get into…

Where The Card Can Be Used

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My Woman Within credit card is affiliated with Comenity Bank and can be used in the following places:

  • Woman Within stores across the country – I get points, discounts, and rewards when I shop at their 300+ locations.
  • – I can use my card when I purchase plus size clothing and accessories online. Super convenient!
  • Anywhere else that accepts Mastercard – Since it’s a Mastercard, I can use it at a variety of stores, from grocery stores to gas stations to restaurants.

But the best rewards and incentives come from using the card directly at Woman Within. There are also…

Special Signup Bonuses and Promotions

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When I was applying for my Woman Within credit card, they were running a really nice signup promotion that I was able to take advantage of:

  • $15 reward certificate after first purchase with new card – This was basically free money to spend on my next order!
  • 20% off a single regular-priced item within first 90 days – Made a big dent in the cost of a new dress!
  • 5X point per $1 on first day of card usage – Rack up points quick when you use it soon after approval.

I also receive offers in the mail for cardholder-exclusive sales events where I can save 25-50% off my purchase. Birthday gifts and bonus point events are other nice perks.

Now let’s go over…

Managing Your Account and Rewards

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Maintaining your Woman Within credit card is simple with online account access. You can take care of everything through their website:

  • Register your card account on
  • Review your statement and see recent transactions
  • Make one-time or recurring payments on your bill
  • Set up autopay directly from your bank account
  • Redeem rewards points for gift cards or as statement credit
  • Change your billing address if you move
  • Monitor your credit limit, balance, and available credit
  • Sign up for paperless statements to save some trees!

I try to log in about once a week to check my balance and activity. Their website and app make it really easy to stay on top of your account.

In terms of rewards, you earn 10 points per $1 spent on the card. Points can then be redeemed for:

  • Woman Within gift cards – 2000 points = $10 gift card that can be applied to your purchase. Easy!
  • Statement credit – 2500 points = $10 credit on your account balance.
  • Donate your points to charity programs
  • Enter contests and sweepstakes. More chances to win!

The rewards process is straightforward with lots of redemption options. Now let’s discuss…

Lost Card and Fraud Protection

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I actually did lose my Woman Within card shortly after receiving it! Not to worry, their fraud protections had me covered. Here are some precautions they take:

  • 24/7 fraud monitoring on accounts by Comenity Bank. Any suspicious activity will trigger an alert.
  • Report lost or stolen cards immediately by calling their 800 number on the website or on the back of your card.
  • You won’t be held responsible for any unauthorized charges if you report the lost card promptly. $0 liability policy!
  • They canceled my lost card right away and had a new one sent out in just a few days. Seamless process.
  • The Woman Within website and app allows you to instantly put a hold on your card if you can’t find it. Added security against fraudulent use.
  • Regular email alerts notify me of any account changes, large purchases, missed payments and more. Lets you monitor activity.

So while it was annoying to lose my new credit card, I had peace of mind knowing my account would be protected from any unwanted charges. Their banking policies kept me from losing any hard-earned money.

Closing Thoughts

Overall, I’ve been very satisfied carrying the Woman Within credit card for all my fashion shopping needs. The rewards program helps me save money on future purchases and the cardholder perks provide additional discounts and bonuses. Just be sure to pay your bill on time each month and take advantage of account management tools.

Let me know if you have any other questions! I’m happy to share more about my experience as a loyal Woman Within credit cardholder. Chime in if you carry this card too. How has it been working for you? Let’s discuss in the comments!

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My Experience Getting and Using the Woman Within Credit Card - Woman Within (2024)
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