The Young and the Restless Season 51 Episodes (2024)

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Season 51

Season 51

Episode Guide

    • Season 51


S51 E157

May 17, 2024

Victor's revenge plot against Jordan takes a dangerous turn, Nick confides in Phyllis, and Kyle vetoes Summer's decision about Claire.


S51 E156

May 16, 2024

Phyllis' plan to support Daniel backfires, Audra makes a power move, and Abby's loyalty is tested.


S51 E155

May 15, 2024

Ashley's devise a dangerous plan, Sally finds herself at a crossroads, and Tucker proves himself to Devon.


S51 E154

May 14, 2024

Lily receives shocking news from Jill, Daniel swallows his pride, and Audra questions Tucker's loyalty.


S51 E153

May 13, 2024

Christine and Danny start a new chapter, Devon and Nate strategize about an exit plan for Billy, and Adam comforts Chelsea.


S51 E152

May 10, 2024

Victor plays his cards close to the vest, Victoria defends Claire, and Phyllis spars with Diane.


S51 E151

May 09, 2024

Jordan tries to strike a deal with Victor, Diane gives Jack an ultimatum, and Phyllis gives Summer sound


S51 E150

May 08, 2024

Lily makes a tough decision, Tucker catches Ashley off guard, and Nate tests the waters with Audra.


S51 E149

May 07, 2024

Victor covers his tracks with Cole, Chelsea and Adam await news on Connor's progress and Ashley's alters fight for control.


S51 E148

May 06, 2024

Victor gives Jordan a taste of her own medicine, Jack comes clean with Diane, and Summer holds Kyle accountable for his actions.


S51 E147

May 03, 2024

Victor gives Nikki some tough love, Victoria confides in Nick, and Jack faces the consequences of his actions.


S51 E146

May 02, 2024

Jack goes to extreme measures to help Nikki.


S51 E145

May 01, 2024

Devon and Nate strategize against Billy, Ashley keeps up appearances, and Nikki spirals out of control.


S51 E144

Apr 30, 2024

Victor interrogates Jordan about Claire's whereabouts, Victoria makes a shocking discovery, and Ashley receives a surprise visitor.


S51 E143

Apr 29, 2024

Victor covers his tracks with Michael, Adam and Chelsea receive an update about Connor, and Summer blames Nikki for their family's issues.


S51 E142

Apr 26, 2024

Traci meets Ashley's newest alter, Audra makes a promise to Tucker, and Devon stays one step ahead of Billy.


S51 E141

Apr 25, 2024

Victor reveals a new plan of attack against Jordan, Victoria and Cole reminisce about their past, and Jack receives disturbing news.


S51 E140

Apr 24, 2024

Nikki attemps to make a deal with Jordan, Kyle make a shocking discovery, and a new side of Ashey's emerges.


S51 E139

Apr 23, 2024

Victor takes matters into his own hands, Jill does damage control with her team, and Victoria helps Nikki make a dangerous decision.


S51 E138

Apr 22, 2024

Victor and Jack uncover a clue about Harrison's kidnapping, Billy works to reestablish his connection with Lily, and Devon makes a power move at Chancellor-Winters.


S51 E137

Apr 19, 2024

Victor and Jack join forces, Nikki goes rogue, and Adam turns to Sharon for guidance.


S51 E136

Apr 18, 2024

Chelsea and Adam share a difference of opinion about Connor, Christine receives a blast from the past, and Lily vows to make Daniel pay for his betrayal.


S51 E135

Apr 17, 2024

Nikki shares a secret with Lauren, Nick and Phyllis support Summer, and Traci gives Ashley some tough love.


S51 E134

Apr 16, 2024

Victor and Jack put their differences aside to help their families, Summer and Kyle’s world spins out of control, and Victoria questions her trust in Claire.


S51 E133

Apr 15, 2024

Victor and Nikki's party takes an unexpected turn, Christine puts the breaks on her future plans with Danny, and Jordan sets her sights on a new target.


S51 E132

Apr 12, 2024

Family and friends gather to celebrate a special milestone for Victor and Nikki.


S51 E131

Apr 11, 2024

Sharon receives a distress call from Jack, Summer stands her ground with Kyle, and Ashley struggles in a new environment.


S51 E130

Apr 10, 2024

Tucker travels outside of his comfort zone, as Ashley engages in a power struggle.


S51 E129

Apr 09, 2024

Nikkia breaks a promise to Victor, Daniel asks Lily for a second chance, and The Abbotts work together to help Ashley.


S51 E128

Apr 08, 2024

Victor sets a trap for Jordan, Victoria and Claire make a move, and Audra sees a new side of Ashley.


S51 E127

Apr 05, 2024

Nick reconnects with Lily, Billy makes a promise to Chelsea, and Sally points Adam in the right direction.


S51 E126

Apr 04, 2024

Lily and Devon disagree about Billy's role at Chancellor-Winters, Audra questions Tucker's motives, and Nikki gives into temptation.


S51 E125

Apr 03, 2024

Ashley makes a confession to Traci, Tucker proves himself to Audra, and Nikki discovers she has a secret admirer.


S51 E124

Apr 02, 2024

Daniel and Heather struggle with their new normal, Victoria and Cole give Claire a history lesson, and Phyllis shares a surprising encounter with Billy.


S51 E123

Apr 01, 2024

The Young and the Restless revolves around the rivalries, romances, hopes and fears of the residents of the fictional Midwestern metropolis, Genoa City.


S51 E122

Mar 29, 2024

Victor reveals a plan to distract Nikki from her problems, Claire catches the eye of someone new, and Adam receives unsolicited advice from Nick.


S51 E121

Mar 28, 2024

Nikki confides in Jack, Sally gives Adam some moral support, and Diane and Kyle navigate their relationship at Jabot.


S51 E120

Mar 27, 2024

Daniel and Heather worry about their future, Adam and Chelsea disagree on how to help Conner, and Lily takes charge at the office.


S51 E119

Mar 26, 2024

Jack and Traci worry about Ashley's behavior, Danny romances Christine, and Audra makes a shocking decision.


S51 E118

Mar 25, 2024

Victor is concerned about Nikki's decision making, Lily settles unfinished business with Heather, and Phyllis sounds an alarm for Danny and Christine.


S51 E117

Mar 20, 2024

The Newmans support Claire as she struggles to connect with her new family.


S51 E116

Mar 19, 2024

Victor tests Nick and Summer's loyalty, Chelsea blames herself for Connor's issues, and Nikki's plan for revenge against Jordan backfires.


S51 E115

Mar 18, 2024

Victor receives a shocking request from Nikki , Billy has a troubling encounter with Ashley, and Summer challenges Claire.


S51 E114

Mar 15, 2024

Chelsea and Adam work together to help Connor, Summer and Kyle are challenged as parents, and Audra stands her ground with Tucker.


S51 E113

Mar 14, 2024

Ashley sends Tucker mixed signals, Daniel is forced to make a tough decision, and Abby struggles to keep the peace.


S51 E112

Mar 13, 2024

Devon stands his ground with Billy, Daniel receives a surprise visitor, and Victor goes to great lengths to protect Nikki.


S51 E111

Mar 12, 2024

Victor puts his plan in motion, Victoria comes to Claire's defense, and Nick makes a bold move.


S51 E110

Mar 11, 2024

Victor backs Jordan into a corner, Phyllis commiserates with Nick, and Nikki gives Claire a history lesson.


S51 E109

Mar 08, 2024

Victor gives Jordan an ultimatum, Tucker sees a new side to Ashley, and Nikki makes a distress call to Jack.


S51 E108

Mar 07, 2024

Jack worries about Ashley's state of mind, Devon makes a promise to Abby, and Jordan targets Victoria.

The Young and the Restless Season 51 Episodes (2024)
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