Over Her Daddy's Knee - Book 2: a collection of father … (2024)


Life can be difficult for teenage girls, especially when you have a very strict daddy, only too happy to spank for the slightest misdemeanour! This collection of daddy spanks daughter stories features the following A Father's Fury: When 16-year-old teenagers, Katie and Jennifer, lie to their parents about their whereabouts at night and are picked up by the police, Katie's father is furious, even more so when he discovers her choice in underwear. Deciding that a major attitude adjustment is required, Katie is sentenced to seven separate spankings during which her bare bottom is to be punished with a wide variety of spanking implements. Math versus the Hand: a spanking soon changes Caroline's mind about feigning illness. Daisy's Confession: Daisy has been feeling guilty for some time about allowing her sister to be spanked for something that she had done. Confessing to her father, she is subjected to a good hard spanking with both paddle and belt and made to apologise to her sister. No Panties: Lydia is about to be spanked by her father for hanging out with her boyfriend, Josh, who she has been forbidden to see, but things go from bad to worse when her father discovers she is wearing no panties. Disciplining Your Daughter in Seven Easy Steps: Kneeling on the wooden stool in the corner, Marcie waits for her father to return home, knowing he will implement his 7-step disciplinary regime, much to the satisfaction of her bitchy step-mom. The Phone Call: Julie's spanking for being on the phone late at night is overheard by her friend who is glad that it is not her who's in trouble, but then a voice behind her changes all that! The Importance of Being Respectful: Slamming her bedroom door shut, teenager Kellie thinks she is way too old for a bare bottomed spanking, but her father and his wooden paddle have other ideas. The Truth Hurts: Sixteen-year-old Lisa has her high school counselor wrapped around her little finger and has been feeding her a pack of lies. But when the counselor visits her home, Lisa's deception is discovered and she is subjected to a hand spanking followed by several painful swats from a paddle before being made to stand in the corner.

86 pages, Kindle Edition

Published December 15, 2017

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Over Her Daddy's Knee - Book 2: a collection of father … (1)

Katie Bradford


Over Her Daddy's Knee - Book 2: a collection of father … (2024)
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